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Oh! Gunquit - Lightning Likes Me

Going down the fully DIY route for album number two sees Oh! Gunquit self-releasing Lightning Likes Me and stage managing all their own promotional activities. That cover's certainly a less slick effort than the one adorning debut Eat Yuppies And Dance but what of the tunes behind those eyes?

You'll be glad to know that nothing has changed in the music department - the band are still something-a-billy or other with a dash of the B52s and the Pacific Northwest swirled in there.

'Nomads Of The Lost' and 'Fireball' have been doing the rounds on soundcloud for a year or so, which gives you some idea of the time and effort involved at this level of the industry. The fun and energy exhibited right from the band's earliest days is still there in spades and the ten songs of Lightning Likes Me amply display the talents of all of those involved in their conception and realisation.

The saxophone underpinning is a particularly important element throughout the album, lending most of the songs a freshness that so many groups lack, no matter the musical camp or camps in which they pitch their tents ('Suzy Don't Stop' standing out especially). An already strong act here ably confirm that they're still approaching the peak of their powers with a solid second full-length release, even partially channeling Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band on the penultimate track 'Greasy Moves'. 

Speaking of camps, one festival you don't have to camp at is the 2017 Franklin Fest in Edinburgh over June 29th - July 1st, where Tina from Oh! Gunquit will be onstage in her Cramps cover act Das Clamps and Simon from the band will be performing solo under his Professor Baba moniker. Head along and see the two next best things to experiencing Oh! Gunquit themselves. 

Lightning Likes Me is available from bandcamp.

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