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The Masonics - Obermann Rides Again


Getting out of bed is one of those things that becomes progressively harder to be bothered doing, much like at times listening to new music (or at least new music by old bands). Finding the stream of Obermann Rides Again in my inbox, however, was enough to have me rise with a smile on my face and shuffle off to play it whilst showering. A good start to the day.

Having gone from being an act rarely seen to one caught almost yearly in recent times, it’s pleasing to know that the trio of Brand, Gibb & Hampshire now have another 14 self-penned tracks in their ramshackle repertoire. Even a live show as engaging as theirs needs freshening up periodically and there are plenty of candidates on Obermann Rides Again for inclusion in the setlist of any upcoming tour, not least of which is the title track.

Heartfelt material sits easily amongst the more rambunctious numbers as the plaintive 'What Do You Do' asks that very question of those who've found themselves left alone, either by design or misfortune. 'Come On My Little Darlin' could well of course be documenting one possible course of action for getting back on (or indeed off) your feet again.

'I Ain't Hurting For You' is a straightforward statement of intent to kick things off on the ninth full-length release which itself is leading off the upcoming physical and digital reissuing of a large amount of the band's back catalogue, including a newly compiled collection of the trio's singles.

Asking the essential questions of life, offering sensible suggestions for coping with it all and providing a positive model for dealing with the pitfalls (such as here on 'The Unsignposted Road') is what The Masonics have consistently and simply done over the course of their career & with Obermann Rides Again there's every indication that they'll continue doing so for a good while yet.  

Obermann Rides Again is available via bandcamp

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