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Mugstar - Magnetic Seasons

Magnetic Seasons is a double album. With only nine tracks across its four sides. There are some lengthy workouts herein.

In the main it's quite a soporific record. Yes 'Time Machine' does have good pacing and it rocks along with gay abandon but, for the most part, the band have expanded their more usual frenetic soundscape outwards to more relaxing places.

'Remember The Breathing', the first of the major length tunes at 15 minutes, is therefore aptly titled as you're as likely to nod off during it as anything if not occupying yourself with some task other than just listening to the album. Very nice it is too as it shimmers along in its mid-section.

Getting up to change each of the sides of vinyl over strikes me as being quite a challenge in this case, given the thoroughly relaxing effect of the music you'll have heard just prior to the act being required. Whilst the physical object itself probably looks lovely my money's on you making more use of the inevitable download. Back in the day this is precisely the kind of release that spurred me to switch to CDs (though they've now all been got rid of in favour of mp3s).

Mugstar have managed though to do themselves proud here. I'll be wanting a seat should I manage to see them live this year but in terms of the actual beauty of the work they've created here they can't be faulted. 'Ascension Island', the side-long album finale is a particularly fine closing piece.

Magnetic Seasons is available from amazon.

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