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MFC Chicken - It's ... M.F.C. Chicken Time!

  • Written by  Debbie Sheringham


I was wondering how long the Colonel and the boys could keep the chicken gag going for, but they've now clocked up their 3rd LP on Dirty Water Records. Another portion of deep fried authentic greasy rock ‘n’ roll that you can dance your little tootsies off to. Proving that they are more than a mere novelty; check in here for ‘music The Sonics were listening to’..

Getting off to a frenzied start in true MFC style with 'Study Hall' this pretty much sets the pace for the next four or five tracks. Frontman Spencer Envoy could not possibly make his sax sound any dirtier if he had covered it in mud and thrown it into a cesspit. 'Gross People'; a song about gross people doing gross things; and they continue to lay the innuendo on in spades, with the rockin’ 'All Afternoon', what were they doing all afternoon? Listen and find out!

Instro 'Bad News From The Clinic', will make you wanna stomp, shout, and work it on out. Then there's naked 'Uncle Willy' with its rockabilly beat. '29 Bus' sounds like a nightmare journey! Anyone travelling around London will know this to be true.

Slowing the pace a little for the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins-esque 'Kahuna Hoodoo Hoochie Coo Flu Blues', does what it says on the tin, and of course wins the prize for the most original song title. Although 'Rumble Strip' wins the Tasmanian devil impersonation competition.

Wrapping up with jiver 'Where Is The Meat?', a mickey take (possibly) of Neanderthal lunk-heads that can’t face the world without getting their fill of dead flesh. Yuck!!  

The sound and feel of the album is fabulously authentic and live.

So okay, they aren't covering any new ground here so if you are looking for something new, you're in the wrong place. As the Dirty Water slogan goes 'Taking Music Backwards Into Tomorrow'. Take it for what it is; party time, with a very silly sense of humour. I would recommend seeing the band live for full impact, UK & European tour dates are here.

It's ... M.F.C. Chicken Time! is available from amazon.

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