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Chromeo - White Women

  • Written by  Alicja Tokarska

When Chromeo announced the release of their fourth studio album back in September of last year, one thing was for sure: it was going to be good. Indeed, White Women, which saw day-light on May 12, may well be the Canadian duo's best record yet, and will not go unnoticed by funk-lovers who don't mind a cheeky dance every now and again. 

For the past few months, Chromeo have been everywhere. "7 Ways to Make a Man Jealous", "Having Trouble  Meeting Women? Ask Chromeo" and "Vampire Weekend and Chromeo: A Love Guide" are just a few titles of many articles that have been appearing online. It might look a little humdrum but, like it or not, White Women is all about romance. One look at the list of song titles and you know that you're dealing with what Chromeo, or Funk Lordz as they're known by the Twitter community, can do best: sing for and about women. There's everything: female insecurities ('Over Your Shoulder'), the wish of reviving the good old romance ('Old 45's') and love promises ('Fall Back 2U'), but it's definitely not monotonous.

The album starts out with 'Jealous (I Ain't With It)', an incredibly summery tune that promises for a great record and captures Chromeo's signature 80's-like, synth-heavy funky style well. The upbeat tone maintained throughout the album is broken up perfectly by slower songs. White Women’s collaborations also . The vocals of Solange and Dave 1 on 'Lost On The Way Home' complement one another superbly, the vocal duet with Toro y Moi really lifts the 'Come Alive', and 'Ezra's Interlude' marks an on-going bromance between Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig and the funk duo.  

White Women is a mixture of funky get-your-dancing-shoes-on tunes, electro numbers packed with groovy synthesisers, and melodious compositions. Filled with catchy lyrics and a collection of great collaborations, Chromeo's fourth studio effort is definitely a success – at the end you'll be both surprised and disappointed that the record is already over. 


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