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Singles That Mingle 20231218

  • Written by  Captain Stavros

Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Hotel Lux – The Carvery

Bah humbug!


Ellie Bleach – Do You Ever Think of Me?

Out Now Via Sad Club Records

Bah humbug! Bah humbug!


Royalty Capes – This Christmas

Bah humbug! Bah humbug! Bah humbug!


Hannah Rose Plat – The Wendigo Rag

Bah humbug! Bah humbug! Bah humbug! Bah humbug!


The Umbrellas – Echoes

Fairweather Friend Out Summer Via Tough Love/Slumberland

Who do these vocals remind you of, it’s killing me?!


Soho, Anise and Simon – 2Pablo

Out Now Via Silicone Records

Introspective, we can all use a few of these over the holidays.


Grandaddy – Cabin in my Mind

Blu Wav Out February 16 Via Dangerbird Records

A blast from the past and as good, if not better, than we remember.


Tom Jenkins – Is There A Next One?

Meadow Part 1 Out Now Via Xtra Mile Recordings

Smooth and warm


High School – August 19

Not too shabby.


SLIFT – Nimh

Ilion Out January 19 Via Sub Pop

Straight out the gate up in your grill.


Sean Ono Lennon x Temples – Gamma Rays

It’s got chops.


Vince Freeman – Powers

Scars, Ghosts and Glory

Funky, soulful, cathartic.


Idles – Grace

TANGK Out February 16 Via Partisan

Slow build, curious to check the new LP when it drops.


The Blinders – Always

Beholder Out March 1 Via Funhouse/EMI

Dig this straight away, moody and broody.


Born At Midnight – Spotlight

Out Now Via Arbatus Records

Funky Low-fi.




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