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Gama Bomb Meet The Pogues For St. Patrick's Day Featured

 Gama Bomb Meet The Pogues For St. Patrick's Day


Irish thrash metal legends Gama Bomb have recorded a fun and franctic cover of The Pogues' classic 'If I Should Fall From Grace With God', featuring The Pogues' own Spider Stacy on guest vocals.

Gama Bomb's vocalist Philly Byrne comments: "The Pogues were my musical awakening. When I was a wee boy, I shared a bedroom with four of my brothers. I'd sit on the floor between the beds, staring at the sleeves for If I Should Fall From Grace With God and Rum, Sodomy And The Lash while my brother played them on vinyl. We don't really 'do' covers, but we always discussed 'If I Should Fall'... as one to keep in the back pocket. When we finally made a demo, I took a punt and sent it to Spider, literally just slid into his DMs on Instagram. I said 'Hey, we're this metal band from Ireland, we love The Pogues, we hate fascists, we did this - do you wanna get involved?' To his eternal credit, he listened to it right away and replied 'Absofuckinlutely!'. It's been a huge privilege to work and hang out with him. The lesson here is, don't be afraid to DM your heroes - just be nice."

Spider Stacy comments: "So there I was, just scrolling the insta, as you do, when I see this DM ‘what’s this’ I ask myself, ‘why, it’s Gama Bomb from Newry, a city famed in song and story as the birthplace of the great Pat Jennings, with a thrash metal version of ‘If I Should Fall From Grace With God’. Do they want me to appear on it. They do? Praise Jesus! Maybe I’ll finally make it on to the pages of Kerrang! And just look at me now - made it, Ma. Top of the world!’ And that’s a true story, I swear down."

Shot on location in Abney Park Cemetery, London, the video and cover is a homage to The Pogues' London Irish roots. A gift to Gama Bomb's fans in time for St. Patrick's Day, the cover is the fastest song Spider has ever recorded, in true thrash fashion.

Formed in the Northern Irish border town of Newry in 2002, Gama Bomb are inspired by metal bands of the ‘80s and horror movies in making their own music. Cutting their teeth on the Belfast punk scene which sprung out of the Peace Process, they've gone on to record seven albums and tour the world, from Russia and Japan, the US and Brazil. 21 years later, Joe McGuigan (bass) and Philly Byrne (vocals), John Roche and Domo Dixon (guitars) are still together, working on their eighth album due for release later in 2023. With over 250,000 monthly Spotify listeners, millions of plays and fans from Japan to Argentina, the smalltown band keep the flag flying for socially-conscious, geek-themed speed metal.






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