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Our extinction is the latest album from Von Liz; an Irish artist, with an album recorded in Scotland, and launched in Germany.  The album came out digitally in February, with a launch party at Loophole in Berlin.  The vinyl will be ready in the coming weeks.

Von Liz says, “The title was decided long before the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, so it's not some cynical attempt at being 'relevant'. ‘Our Extinction’, the title track, was inspired by a Bill Hicks rant about the horrors of TV.

I'm from Tipperary, currently living in Berlin, where the album was made. Myself and my producer mate from Aberdeen bunkered down in the basement of a bar I worked in during the lockdown, and set up studio to finish off what we thought was a lost cause - we'd lost all the original files, but salvaged them again”.

“Von Liz, former leader of notorious Irish alternative rock band Liz is Evil, moved to Berlin after the Irish recession.  Mixing elements of electronica, rock, folk and contemporary classical music, Von Liz gives an aural snapshot of our collective anxiety as we find ourselves the custodians of a looming climate apocalypse.  On the U-Bahn, vagrants shoot up while artists write delirious notes to self. In old East Berlin, the Romanticism of Soviet towers falls under the creeping shadow of global tech hubs. But within it all there's an ever-beating heart, and Von Liz uses his characteristic humour, wit, energy and observation to bring it all to life - a digital postcard from the crumbling shoreline of what might be the end times.”

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