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Random Chains Halloween Vid Featured



Taken from Pixie Dot & Dash’s Halloween Special 2-track EP, ‘Random Chains’ was written and recorded with Reverend JM Burr of Lugosi and Reverend JM’s Panic Worship. It’s the perfect Halloween tune with raw. Gritty instruments, relentless beats, and a fever dream vignette of paranoia, anxiety, and horror from Dublin’s resident master of scary tales.


The video was made by Pixie’s sister, Fallen Star Queen, famed for her Gachalife videos over on youtube. It’s Star’s third video for the band and features footage of a ghoulish house decorated with panache for Samhain.

Be brave and bold and delve into the darkened depths of Pixie Dot & Dash’s Halloween Special. Download the double A-side from Bandcamp now. 



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