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Garcia Peoples - Cosmic Cash

  • Written by  Will Simpson

Garcia Peoples have delivered a solid raucous blues inspired rock album. Taking that next step in an old genre, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Beautiful, Britpop inspired, with some songs sounding just like they would! Looking up at The Verve's Urban Hymns and somewhere in the future looking back on bands like Cage The Elephant. Even with the comparisons, Garcia Peoples manage to stay within their own room.

This is one of those albums that keeps giving you groovy smiles, sometimes it has a Mac DeMarco slice of groove, sometimes it goes GF Bruce.

’Four Walls’ is a soft ballad remembering old times and lessons learned and earned from inside the walls of a moment in life. Soft gritty vocals with sparse chords and accompanying piano keys carry the the listener into darker alley ways always with a trusted torch.

This album at times packs a fast punch bursting out of the speakers with psychedelic punk riffs and indie melodies. Never sounding formulated in the cut out sense, the production has achieved a big sound with lots of summer guitar band potential and a nod to the blues sounds of bygone years. Is it something that people will be talking about in years to come, probably not. A solid album that’s well produced and sounds good, Just good rock music being created by a good band of musicians. If this sounds like your thing, then check it out.

Cosmic Cash is available from iTunes and Amazon.

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