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Bonnie 'Prince' Billy shares his Blueberry Jam

‘Blueberry Jam’ by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, all-new, country-fried-yet-cool-and-soothing, a song of appreciation for the natural pleasures in life; tipping the cap to love and relaxation and blessed relief with a bounding beat that reaches to the sky among cascades of high-flyin' vibrations. ‘Blueberry Jam’ sings in response to one of the highly confusing collusions of current event and non-event that are pushing our collective body heat to the breaking point.

Bonny Billy and Lady Billy were living on the rim of the active volcano Kilauea (way back in January, when Halema'uma'u was still a lava lake).  They woke one morning to the news that a ballistic missile attack was underway, coupled with the advisory that they should "take immediate shelter". Thirty minutes later, the warning was rescinded, but not before some serious synapse paths were re-mapped.  What could they do with such a soul-jostling?

Fortunately, they had friends. Friends who had supplied them with THC-laced chocolate covered blueberries.  Bonny sat down and scribbled out a paean to these blueberries, to all blueberries, then closed his notebook and that was that.  A couple of weeks later, a call came from Chris Garcia, of the legal weed boutique, Hi Fidelity, in Berkeley, California.  He wanted to open his shop in style, and thought that maybe a collab with the 'Prince' would help.  Bonny re-opened the notebook and cranked out a jammer, a fruit-filled jammer to end all fruit-filled endeavours.  He brought the song to Nashville where, under the guidance of dear friend and colleague David "Fergie" Ferguson, the song was brought to mouth-watering life.  Also on hand to make dreams into reality were guitarist, Matt Sweeney and drummer, Pete Townsend.  Back in Kentucky, Tim Morton conceived and executed the video clip that makes us, all of us, smile.




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