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HeartSongs - 20180319

Welcome to HeartSongs, our regularly scheduled (probably) look at songs and the people who write them. We spoke to Michael J. Schumacher from New York experimental noise/pop outfit diNMachine about their new single, ‘Grilled Fish’.


"The spoken part is Alain Robbe-Grillet, the French writer and filmmaker. His name is where the title of the song comes from. His voice has a poignancy that I like. It's backed, so to speak, by a field recording of a park in Barcelona that I made on a trip there last year.

To me, this section seems to issue out of the first part of the song, like an echo of the feelings in the droning bass line; this introspective quality that I'm going for. It's a moment of contemplation before the interruption by the drums.

A lot of the songs on this record explore combining very unlike things; sounds, rhythms, melodies, testing the limits of coherence. This fits right in with that, but the sections are a bit clearer, and more separated. The textures are simpler; there are two or, at most, three things going on at any one time. Like many of the other songs, this started as a bass line improvised on my Verbos synthesizer."

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