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A Few Picks For Way Out West (In No Particular Order)

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Anna von Hausswolff

Anna von Hausswolff’s third album, The Miraculous, is underpinned by the sounds of the Acusticum Pipe Organ in Piteå which, combined with her soaring vocals, makes for a hair-raising listen. I can’t wait to see how the album translates to a live stage.


Moving on from her days as lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons, ANOHNI released the album Hopelessness in May this year.  It’s a gorgeous, thrilling listen and the combination of the rich timbre of her voice combines with the album’s electronic notes creates a record that’s simply irresistible.

The Tallest Man On Earth 

I’m really keen to see how Dark Bird is Home comes across live, seeing as it was the first of The Tallest Man on Earth’s albums to embrace the use of a full band. Kristian Matsson’s always been a charismatic and utterly compelling performer and I can’t wait to see him on stage under a wide open sky.  

Daniel Norgren

I’ve only recently been switched on to Daniel Norgren, after a few of my Swedish friends started talking about him. I’m utterly charmed by his particular brand of blues-folk, shot through with Americana and topped by grainy, emotive vocals. Do not miss.


There was something really striking about the minimalism of Cloves’s EP ‘XIII’, realised last year: a confident, rich vocal line most often combined with little more than a sparse piano melody. Live, this could be something really special.

Niki & The Dove

Niki & The Dove’s latest album, Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now, in an absolute beast of indietronica that’s on its way to being my record of the summer. Here, things are more laid back than on previous releases, notes of the '70s and '80s abound and there’s more than a hint of Prince and Stevie Nicks lurking in the background. Lush.


Tempted to get yourself over to Way Out West this year after reading this? Check out the festival's official site!  

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