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The Stoles - Getaway

  • Written by  Marky Edison

'Getaway' is the new single from Dublin trio The Stoles, and it’s the first single from the forthcoming album, Age of Deception.

It's been impossible to predict what The Stoles will do next as each single they have released has altered expectations and offered something unexpected. Last year's 'I Don't Get Along With You' was an impressive heavy rock number in the vein of Queens of the Stone Age and El Camino era The Black Keys.

'Getaway' further evolves their sound. It starts out with some heavy bass and drums, and when the guitars come in they seem to set up a clichéd 12-bar riff but they sidestep the obviousness deftly before the main riff comes in sounding like Johnny Marr or John Squire.

The rhythm section provides some real heavyweight rock while the lighter guitar melodies and Antonio Derosas' vocals lift 'Getaway' clear of the stereotypical hard rock mire. Derosas' lyrics and vocal lines again toy with mainstream rock tropes but he employs melodic tricks more typical of folk, country or musical theatre to avoid the pitfalls of predictability.

The Stoles may toy with expectations in their songwriting but with this taster of the forthcoming album those expectations have been further raised.

'Getaway' is relased on Friday (8th July) and is available from Amazon.

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