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Gwenno, Think Tank, Newcastle

After convincing ourselves that summer had all but left us for another year, today’s weather had done its best to lead us to believe otherwise. What better way to end this lovely day with one of Wales’ finest songstresses, currently touring with the equally wonderful H. Hawkline and we catch up with them as they roll into Newcastle.

Having unfortunately missed the incomparable Rhodri Davies, Gwenno takes to the stage alone bathed in blue lights. She launches into a beautiful set filled with exquisite electronic beats, as she casts the odd striking look out toward the bedazzled crowd. We’re all firmly placed under Gwenno’s spell as she serenades us with her sweet Welsh tones.

She brings her wonderful record Y Dydd Olaf alive tonight, regaling us with tales of media manipulation set to the most intriguing of sci-fi influenced backdrop. Despite the record being based on a 1970s book, it’s incredible how it still holds such relevance right now. Her conversations with the crowd that fill any gaps are insightful, as she talks of the now defunct revolving dance floor of the boat on the Tyne.

Yet the sounds that this lady creates are the stars of the show, despite the sombre lyrics to tracks like Patriarchaeth shine through with its bouncy synths covering up the misery that is being conveyed. As the twinkling beats ring out we cannot help but swoon over the wonderful atmosphere that Gwenno effortlessly creates.

Whilst it may only be a short set we’re still completely in awe of Gwenno and the sheer beauty of her music, and as our other commitments call we have to forego the equally endearing and exciting H. Hawkline. However, we’re not sure if he could top Gwenno’s exceptional performance.

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