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bis To Release i Love bis Compilation On Record Store Day


You'll not see much Record Store Day coverage on Musos' Guide as, having personally been pretty disgusted by the pricing a couple of years ago & the susbsequent overloading of the release schedule with Aerosmith etc. repressings it strikes me personally that it's lost its way somewhat. Sci-Fi Steven of bis clearly captures that impression, however, so it seems only fair to publicise the fact that the band have compiled their early EPs onto one album for this year's event. RSD 2015 is on Saturday April 18 & i Love bis is limited to 1000 copies.

Steven had this to say:- "I'm proud to be part of Record Store Day as I still believe the initial concept revived the ailing music retail sector. I also firmly believe that the records bis have released as part of Record Store Day are in the mould of the original concept - either new unreleased material, hard-to-find back catalogue or deluxe vinyl editions with previously unreleased recordings. What has turned many against RSD is the pointless picture disc editions of songs released a million times that hammer at the hardcore collector's lust for completion, usually released by one of the big labels stamping their boots all over the day. It should be independent music on independent labels for independent stores, not an overnight endurance test followed by disappointment and harrowing ebay discoveries. All we have done is put together a nice package of our old EP's plus some unreleased demo's and pressed as many copies as we think we could sell. That was surely the idea of the day in the first place."

The double LP package on red vinyl combines all the early, hard-to-find EP's, from 1994's debut Transmissions On The Teen-C Tip! through to 1996's Bis vs. The DIY Corps and also includes the previously unreleased 'Nation Go Yeah! (Home Demonstrations)' – a 24 minute medley, 4-track recordings from 1993-1996.

The full track listing is as follows:-

Side A:
01. Kill Yr Boyfriend
02. Sci-Fi Superstar
03. Improved Neu! Formula
04. Public School Boy
05. Caustic Sofa
06. School Disco  
Side B:
07. Plastik People
08. Conspiracy A-Go-Go
09. Pop Socks
10. Icky-Poo Air Raid
11. Kandy Pop
12. Secret Vampires
Side C:
13. Teen-C Power
14. Diska
15. Keroleen
16. Grand Royal With Cheese
17. This Is Fake D.I.Y
18. Burn The Suit
19. Dance To The Disco Beat 
Side D:
20. Nation Go Yeah! (Home Demonstrations)
bis are currently working on a new album.

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