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Marky Edison

Marky Edison

New Dude York Single

Seattle trio Dude York have shared a new single ‘Should've’. Taken from their upcoming album, Falling, due July 26 via Hardly Art , ‘Should've is a tribute to adolescent romance and mall punk, and follows the equally-spirited title track and Box.

“There are two ways things can fall,” says Dude York’s Claire England. “They can fall and be ruined, or they can fall gently like a feather and be fine.”On ‘Falling’, their second full-length for Hardly Art, the trio explores that sentiment—evoked by the broken cake on the album cover and the soft confetti on the inside sleeve—through impossibly catchy and emotive songs that investigate the ways you can fall in and out of relationships, and sometimes fall back together.

Recorded at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco with producer Patrick Brown, Falling finds Dude York sounding bigger and more fully-realised than ever with hits that would feel perfectly at home sandwiched between Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind in early 00s alt-rock radio rotation, while somehow still sounding utterly their own. Peter Richards (guitar) and England (bass) share equal songwriting and lead vocal duties on this record, a significant change from their previous album, 2017’sSincerely, on which England fronted only two songs. The duality of their songwriting and vocals compliment each other emotionally and sonically, with Andrew Hall’s harmonies and driving drums providing their own unique character in each song. The collaboration is clear—each part is carefully crafted, with Richards’ guitar adding texture to the verses and then soaring into the particularly special kind of guitar solos that make you want to sing along.

A line of nostalgia runs through the record as the songs investigate the deep ties we have to the pop culture that defined our youth. “I grew up listening to all this pop-punk and alt-rock that was mostly male-fronted, but I want to fill that hole I saw by recreating it now for myself,” says England. “I’m trying to capture the feeling of the music I listened to when I fell in love with music.”

Ultimately, the relationship Dude York is really investigating and playing around with is their relationship to music. By playing with tropes of romantic relationships, Dude York created a record that feels like a love letter to the alternative radio of yesteryear while managing to stay uniquely singular.

‘Falling’ tracklist:

1. Longest Time

2. Box (video)

3. I’m the 1 4 U

4. Should’ve (stream)

5. Only Wish

6. Unexpected

7. How It Goes

8. Falling (video)

9. Doesn’t Matter

10. Let Down

11. :15

12. Making Sense

13. DGAFAF (I know what’s real)



Bakers Eddy Can’t Afford It

Bakers Eddy return with new single ‘Can’t Afford It’ on Ivy League Records. A song that has already been uniting audiences in cathartic mass sing-along at their recent live shows, ‘Can’t Afford It’ is undeniably catchy and can barely contain the band’s raucous, youthful energy. “’Can't Afford It is a song about living pay check to pay check and trying to make ends meet,” explains front man Ciarann Babbington. “I wrote it in my bedroom after coming home from the supermarket on a budget of $3.50, still managed to make a dope lentil bolognese.”

Formed in Wellington, New Zealand when they were just 13 years old, Bakers Eddy began when three high school friends decided they wanted to do something other than skating with their time.Originally comprising of lead singer Ciarann Babbington, Drummer Jamie Gordon and Bass player Ian Spagnolo, the band quickly recruited Ian’s twin Brother Alex Spagnolo on guitar:We got sick of Alex playing PS3 in the same room while we rehearsed, so we taught him an A chord and he was in explains Ciarann.

Whilst still in Wellington, the band supported the likes of Gang of Youths, The Rubens and US punk band Highly Suspect. They also graduated high school and continued to hone their craft, while successfully managing to avoid going to uni or getting real jobs.

In 2017, Bakers Eddy decided to take a giant leap of faith and move to Melbourne, Australia as a band. Once settled, they took it upon themselves to write 50 songs in 50 days. The songs themes ranged from being broke, drinking too much, failing at love and technological dependencies, essentially, as Ciarann deduces “being 21 in a new city". Once ready, they enlisted the help of fellow Kiwi, producer Tom Larkin (Shihad) and independently released their debut EP in April 2018. The band rode out that year playing shows up and down Australia’s East Coast as well as a short European tour, stopping in Germany as well as the UK for The Great Escape Festival.



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