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Album Review: Lady GaGa - The Fame

Like a disco ball on the dance floor, Lady GaGa is the shiniest new addition to American electro-pop dance music with her debut album, The Fame. A true fashionista, Lady GaGa proves that big shoulder pads are still cool, and one play of her album will tempt even the meekest listener to don fluorescent colours and go out dancing.

With 'Just Dance' (featuring Colby O'Donnis and Akon) reaching no. 1 on both U.S. and U.K. charts, Lady GaGa has become almost an instant success. A song with a valuable lesson, the singer advises her listeners to "just dance" away their alcohol-induced problems, whether it be worrying over where a lost mobile phone has gone or how a shirt has turned inside-out.

Together with 14 more tracks of floor-rattling, computer-generated beats, paired with the singer's smooth and deep, impressive vocal range, The Fame proves her worthy of the praise.

'Poker Face,' features recurring backing vocals that will muh-muh-muh-make you sing them in your sleep, and 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich' will make you wish to be (if not already) beautiful and dirty rich.

And good news for Flo Rida and Space Cowboy fans: they are both featured in 'Starstruck,' as a voice-altered Lady GaGa takes a stab at rapping with them.

A more reggae-sounding 'Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say),' along with 'Again Again' and 'Brown Eyes,' serve as the album's token ballads, yet maintain the album's electric vibes.

Whether you buy this album to pump yourself up for a night out on the town or to get some fashion tips from the album artwork photographs, you will certainly not be disappointed. Lady GaGa is no one-hit-wonder: she will remain in the spotlight, in all her shoulder-padded leotarded glory.

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