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Album Review: Wax Fang - La La Land

"Sounds like Tom Jones," I thought when the first strains of opening song 'Majestic' blasted forth from the speakers. If it is he in disguise then he's discovered the kazoo on the dreamy track three, 'At Sea'. But no, The Welsh Warbler has not "done a Macca" and recorded a horizon broadening Pavement-meets-Creedence indie gumbo of an album. Instead this has been fashioned by three guys from Louisville called Scott, Jake and Kevin (who have the infinitely more interesting and progressively weirder surnames of Carney, Heustis and Ratterman).

They manage to incorporate a few varied styles into the ten tracks on offer, culminating in the nine minute 'Wake Up, Sleepyhead!' which covers territory of a very pop-rock nature before ending in a bonsho bell medley more in keeping with its bed related title. Elsewhere 'Cannibal Summer' is quite shouty, whilst 'The Doctor Will See You Now' features some pretty anthemic guitar work. 'Can You See The Light?' takes us into Kings Of Leon-ish country and song seven, 'Avant Guardian Angel Dust', actually had me thinking of Iron Maiden for its opening minute but it is in fact quite a space-rock instrumental number. The one weak track for me was the one directly after this, 'Woh, Recklessness', but as its the shortest on the album there's no chance of it spoiling the whole package.

They unfortunately seem to have to imminent UK tour dates but the year is young so the summer may see them over here making a deserved impact on the live scene.

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