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Album Review: Logan 5 And The Runners - Featurette

A fun name unfortunately at odds with the group's less than exciting Roxy Music mated with Pulp sound.

The Killers too may have charges to answer for the possibility of a Huey Lewis & The News for the 2000s being turned into reality here, though at least now that they're three albums in they've started to look more like rock 'n' roll freaks than their initial clean-cut image. The five Boston-based blokes of Logan 5 And The Runners rigidly maintain a suited and tied public face of a resolutely un-sexy nature that perfectly matches this cabaret-leaning snooze music they are keen to promote.

Even starting off the album with a bang-up-to-date reference to women on the web ('Girl of The Internet') can't save it from being nine tracks with a total lack of appeal. How they have managed to squeeze all the interesting bits out of the sounds that clearly influence them and cobbled together all the mediocre remains is maybe a talent worth studying so as to avoid the pitfalls oneself but I'd heartily suggest they go back to the drawing board if they're to come up with tunes that give them the break they're aiming for. Boston may love them for all I know but the wider world is not likely to take them to its heart.

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