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The Wild Curve, The Berkley Suite, Glasgow

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Photo: Al Goold


The Wild Curve released their first tracks online just a few months ago but the Glasgow synth-pop duo didn't need much time at all to persuade the likes of BBC Radio 1 and XFM (as well as numerous music blogs from across the globe) of their ability to write quality, memorable songs. During all this time the internet offered no information about who The Wild Curve were with 'Diamonds' and 'Warriors' as the only evidence of their existence. Sooner or later though, they had to put on a live show.

The band's debut in Glasgow's Berkeley Suite is sold out, and having released only two songs, The Wild Curve already have a bunch of loyal fans. And after tonight, they definitely earn a few more. The band finally reveal more of their music, which bears some of the best traits of 'Diamonds' and 'Warriors': summery up-beat tunes, powerful drums and catchy melodies – exactly what Glasgow's music scene's been needing.

Their first live effort is very much like their music, energetic (exhibit 1: the flying drumstick), fresh and enjoyable – both for the crowd and, as it definitely shows, for the band. It's easy to see how much effort has gone into planning the show with every detail carefully thought through, and if your band is putting on a gig you better talk to The Wild Curve about lighting. They really know what they're doing. Heavy synthesisers, powerful vocals and dynamic drums combined with larger-than-life light effects are what make the duo's performance so special. Who knows, maybe in a few years, when The Wild Curve aren't playing such small venues, those who missed this gig will regret it.

There is a clear distinction between artists that live for live shows and those who would much rather lock themselves up in the studio. The Wild Curve no doubt belong to the first group. The stage might as well be their second home and surely everybody present at The Berkeley Suite tonight would agree. Here's hoping it won't be long till their next (and probably sold out) show.


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