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Miss Eaves Isn’t Beating Around The Bush

Tomorrow, Miss Eaves will kick off the first date of her DIY international tour at  the Larmer Tree Festival and her anthem, ‘Barry & Joe: Bromance (Gonna Save The World)’, can be heard as the official theme for the upcoming Barry & Joe: The Animated Series, created by Adam Reid and executive produced by Conan O’Brien.

A whole year after Miss Eaves' viral video for ‘Thunder Thighs’, was lauded by Billboard as one of the top 25 feminist anthems of all time, called "true, organic body positivity without pandering" by Jezebel, and called a "summer anthem that celebrates every woman" by NPR, it's still being written about and shared, but she's got a lot more to offer.

On August 3, Miss Eaves will be releasing the follow-up to last year's super successful Feminasty in the form of a skillfully high-energy EP titled ME AF which covers themes like living a happy single life and embracing your pubic hair, as highlighted in the video for the first single off the new EP, ‘Bush For the Push’. The video for the second single, ‘Kiss Kiss I'm Fabulous’, celebrates "black girl magic" and is empowering in a way that only 56 of the best Beyonce GIFS, or a slow motion Buffy the Vampire Slayer fight scene could even attempt to get close to.

Summer Tour:

July 21

Salisbury, Larmer Tree Festival

July 24

Manchester, Soup Kitchen

July 26

London, DIY Space for London

July 27

Birmingham, Dark Horse Moseley

July 28

Llangollen, Llangollen Fringe




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