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New Louis Brennan Video For ‘London’

London-based Dubliner Louis Brennan has released the video for his latest single ‘London’, which is taken from his debut album Dead Capital, to be released on February 28. The track is a quirky, upbeat lampooning of the despair of London life with ironically cheerful harmonies over a shoulder-shimmying groove. The lyrics describe our all-too-common love affair with documenting our daily mundane activities, the loneliness and hypocrisy of the city and watching big dreams crumble through shattered expectations, all while following Louis on his regular commute on the 277 bus.

The charmingly lo-fi lyric video depicts iconic London landmarks and the staples of inner-city living, including grey skies, crowded streets and the tube, filmed on a fuzzy camcorder and candidly capturing endearingly wobbly shots. Louis says, “Here's the video for ‘London’. It's on the border of so shit it's good and just plain shit, obviously my intention being the former. Nothing says self-indulgent hipster like an obsession with obsolete technology!”

The new single follows his debut release ‘Bit Part Actor’, a darkly emotive track that sees Louis laconically recount a period of his life filled with bitterness, despondency and anguish in the goosebump-inducing song. Creating his own brand of thinking man’s folk, Louis’ music is deep and rich in emotion, marking him out as an artist of remarkable talent and immeasurable depth of mind. His lyrics are also razor-sharp, bittersweet and often full of wry humour. 

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