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The Sellwoods - Two Stroke Smoke! EP

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Portland-based garage-punk band The Sellwoods unleashed their much anticipated Two Smoke Stroke EP, via Spanish label Chaputa Records in February. Lucky for me I managed to get my mitts on the limited edition obstreperous orange vinyl which included a free fridge magnet - what more could a girl ask for?

The band have been around since 2011, and I discovered them quite by accident a couple of years ago, whilst perusing Facebook for some garage-punk action (as one does). The thing that first attracted me to this bonkers bunch was their obvious love for having fun with what they do, and adopting ‘60s kitsch in the form of drag-racing model kits, artwork along the line of Ed Roth, Horror, the striped t-shirts, the German helmets and iron crosses, bandit masks -  all things synonymous with ‘60s trashy counterculture and more recently bands of their ilk such as The Mummies, Thee Mighty Caesars and the budget rock end of garage-punk. So basically ticking all the boxes for me, and then some! On the top of my must see list for sure.

To the music. Guitarist Blind Baron delivers fuzz by the dumpster load whilst The Baroness and The Count provide tumultuous thumping from the rhythm section, complimented by Miss Kitka who kreates kooky key-work straight outta the ‘60s horror sitcom TV theme tune book.

Both ‘Two Stroke Smoke’ and ‘Want Me’ are a girl/boy efforts vocals-wise - both full of don’t give a toot attitude; he’s been left by his baby, she’s riding into the distance on her two stroke - and boy is she angry (of Collins Kids ‘Whistle Bait’ proportions). The latter (their version of The Night Crawlers‘ ’66 fuzz-and-shout monster) with it’s repetitive riff, proves yet again that simplicity is the most effective weapon. ‘No More’ brings a more ‘70s tinged punk flavour, and my favourite ‘Kimchi’ = Girls In The Garage at it’s trashiest best (trashi-best!).  

Do yourself a favour and go check out their back catalogue if you haven’t already. All deets available through their Facebook page and the EP is available via Chaputa Records who incidentally have other fab releases, so go take a peek.

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