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Bitch Falcon Release ‘Syncope’ Video

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Dublin rockers Bitch Falcon are back with a video their ferocious new track ‘Syncope’. We’ve already slavered over the audio. The trio have captured the full-force energy of their live shows, and the result is an all-out collision of sound. Two years on from their explosive arrival, and with just a handful of singles, the band have emerged as one of the grunge scene’s brightest new hopes alongside the likes of Ontario’s Dilly Dally and LA’s Bleached.

Bitch Falcon have continuously strived to hone their style and always keep their sound moving forward; and ‘Syncope’ is the natural progression of this process. The aesthetics are raw, even at times frenzied, and the music harnesses the best elements of rock, grunge and pop; as singer Lizzie Fitzpatrick snarls her way through proceedings with her distinctive voice.

Known for their unrelenting, full-throttle live approach, and regularly heralded as Dublin's best live act, ‘Syncope’ succeeds in being as equally loud and as instantly engaging as their shows. Bitch Falcon have slayed the festival circuit with slots at the Electric Picnic and Hard Working Class Heroes, as well as a triumphant TV debut on Other Voices which garnered praise from Annie Mac and Huw Stephens of BBC Radio 1.



Bitch Falcon - Syncope

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A proper power trio in the tradition of Nirvana, Shellac, Budgie and Biffy Clyro, Bitch Falcon are regarded as the hardest rocking band in Dublin. Noisy and punchy, they've been on Annie Mac and Huw Stephen's 'Other Voices' show and are lined up for showcases at Canadian Music Week and in London on 18 March.

They’ve been compared to Ontario’s Dilly Dally and LA’s Bleached and have played with Fucked Up, Torche, The ZZZ’s, Glen Hansard, Fight Like Apes, No Spill Blood and Red Enemy. They’re just back from their first national tour coinciding with the release of their recent single, ‘Clutch’ and ‘Syncope’ is their new offering.

The song begins with a downtuned riff straight out of the bowels of doom metal. Two thirds of the way in, the tempo slows to a sludgy crawl as Nigel Kenny pounds out a deathly beat. Naomi McLeod's warm bass rumble fills the low end like Jason Newsted-era Metallica. “Fee, fie, foe, fum” go the lyrics as the music evokes the bone-shaking footsteps of Jack's legendary giant.

The song is lent another dimension by Lizzie Fitzpatrick's theatrical, impassioned vocal. She  strangles her guitar into submission until its final death rattle after three minutes of fighting for its life. Following on from ‘Wolfstooth’, ‘Breed’, ‘TMJ’ and ‘Clutch’ , 'Syncope' once again marks Bitch Falcon as one of Dublin’s finest and most extreme bands.

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