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Kaveh Afagh, Milad Tower International Convention Centre, Tehran

For the first time in the world, an Iranian rock star improvised a piece of music in a live concert in Tehran, attended by an audience of nearly 2,000 eager fans.

Recently, the rock star Kaveh Afagh performed a concert in the Milad Tower International Convention Centre and managed to improvise a piece of music after realising that the crowd were repeating his song ‘Shawl’ precisely.

 “When the people started singing ‘Shawl’ (by far Afagh’s best known song) and I saw how well & in time they were doing so, suddenly it struck me I should make melodies with the audience, to interact and improvise on the basic structure. The new piece will appear on my next album,” he said.

Kaveh Afagh is an Iranian rock singer who started his professional music career in 2000.

He is the founder of The Ways rock group and has previously been banned from performing and recording for 10 years.

During that decade the other members of The Ways all left Iran but Afagh, having weathered the storm, became the first musician of his kind to gain an official state license to perform.

Along with Kaveh Yaghmaei and Reza Yazdani, Kaveh Afagh is one of  the most popular rock singers in Iran now.

Due to the paucity of such singers in Iran, they generate a lot of energy and excitement in their audiences and their concert performances are extremely popular with the public.

This recent concert of Afagh's came after the release of his new album Shawl, and was wildly welcomed by his fans. Traditional styles of music and their performers are the generally acceptable face of music in Iran at this time so this show, and the improvisational element of the event in particular, were a real treat for the small but growing number of rock fans in the country.

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