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Neon Atlas Come From The Shadows

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Ahead of their highly anticipated third album scheduled for release in September this year, Cork based indie specialists, Neon Atlas, are on form once more as they return with a new single 'Shadows'.

'Shadows' takes off with a riff that simply demands you stop whatever you’re doing. The arrangements are wonderfully poised, sometimes destructive and created with punch and fuzziness. A verse of melancholic guitar prettiness and a beautifully created chorus. A bridge of slovenly power-pop ecstasy pounding ferociously to a sing along outro.

Neon Atlas will be performing at Vantastival in June and will also be touring nationwide this summer.






Neon Atlas - Fever

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Cork’s Neon Atlas have been teasing their forthcoming album for months now. ‘The Afterglow’ came out last spring and ‘Fever’ is the latest advance single from their third record, which we’re promised will finally arrive next spring. We say “finally” but this will be the third LP since the band formed in 2013, so Neon Atlas have been prolific by today’s industry standards. Throw in Enda O’Flaherty’s other project, The Grey Merchant, who also have an album due and the Corkonians’ output starts to look prodigious.

There’s a distinctly '90s vibe on ‘Fever’. The Beta Band, The La’s, The Sundays and Teenage Fanclub are all brought to mind with its mellow guitar pop and languid harmonies. Most prominently, ‘Fever’ sounds like a sequel to The Connells’ 1995 hit, ‘74/75’ . The layered guitars and infectious vocal melody don’t take long to affix themselves to your receptors. You will find yourself humming this tune while doing the housework.

It’s an unobtrusive song on first listen but it embeds itself deeper in your consciousness with each successive listen. Where ‘The Afterglow’ veered close to indie by numbers, ‘Fever’ supersedes such criticisms by sheer virtue of the quality of the songwriting. Listen and repeat as the infection takes hold.



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