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Baby James - Find The Time EP

  • Published in Singles


The second EP from Stockholm’s rhythm rock revivalists comes within 12 months of their debut, No Brainer. While that record felt rushed and incomplete, Find The Time sounds, quite appropriately, like they’ve been able to put more hours into it. The Lou Reed/Mick Jagger vocals tread familiar ground. The traditional rock setup of twin guitars, bass, and drums is informed primarily by The Rolling Stones and their contemporaries.

The spare, blues-rock riffs and smooth grooves make the music immediately accessible. The down and dirty ‘Lose Your Mind’ shakes things up with a sleazy, funky tone, and catchy gang vocals. ‘Heal Me’ sounds like an Exile On Main Street offcut, while ‘Burning Desire’ owes much to AC/DC’s ‘Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution’. The title track opens with a riff that, presumably accidentally, sounds like Fugazi before finding more comfortable, Creedence Clearwater Revival ground.

That over-familiarity of the music is the downfall of Find The Time. The tunes are good and the band play rock ‘n’ roll well, but then so do a myriad of other bands. There’s nothing unique here to keep the listener coming back for more; nothing beneath the surface to dig into. Baby James sound like a fun band to bring your mates along to see but, on record, this has been done before, and done definitively. They’ve made massive progress since No Brainer, but Find The Time isn’t a defining leap forward. Hopefully they will continue to evolve with their next release.


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