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Eagles Of Death Metal - Zipper Down

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Zipper Down is the fourth album from Eagles Of Death Metal. Primarily consisting of Jesse Hughes on guitar and vocals, and Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme on drums, the band initially came to our attention because of their drummer but have managed to carve out their own career with their fun and sleazy rock 'n' roll shtick.

It's their first record in seven years. Bassist Brian O'Connor underwent chemotherapy in 2010 and Hughes released a solo album under the nom de plume Boots Electric. Three of those solo tracks have been re-recorded for Zipper Down and there have been grumbles from some quarters that the album is only 11 songs, three of which are songs that previously appeared on Honkey Kong and one is a Duran Duran cover. I can't say I have any objection to this practice. One third of the album is tried and tested material, and that's on top of six brand new tracks. That kind of quality control is to be welcomed in this day and age when many bands are releasing 70 minute albums full of sprawling filler. In the days of vinyl records, albums were limited timewise by the physical constraints of 12 inch records that could only hold 40 minutes of music. If more bands would practice the restricted song selection on show here, then albums might make a comeback over individual song downloads.

Back to the business at hand, Eagles Of Death Metal have been effusive in praise of their own work, claiming that it will "end global warming" and "cure world hunger". Such tongue in cheek hyperbole aside, Zipper Down is an enjoyable listen from start to finish. That in itself puts it far ahead of much of the competition. This is light, fun, danceable music with a great beat.

First single, 'Complexity', kicks off the record in style and, hearing EoDM after all this time, is like putting on your best and most comfortable dancing shoes. This is good time rock n roll, complete with the horn section. 'Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)' takes the old celebrity put down, "Don't you know who I am?", and plays with it, ending in a refrain of "I don't know who I am".

'I Love You All The Time'  originally appeared on Hughes' solo album under the title 'I Love You All The Thyme', and is well worth the new recording. With the full band behind him, Hughes elevates this simple tune to a bonafide highlight. It's a plain old rock 'n' roll number of the sort that has been reworked by Meghan Trainor and Olly Murs to commercial success and Hughes breathy vocal lends it real drive and authenticity.

The album breezes by in just 34 minutes and it's difficult not to simply press play again at the end. The sum total of Zipper Down may not quite reach the peaks of Peace. Love. Death Metal., but few bands ever match such tremendous debuts. This will satisfy new fans and old alike. Eagles of Death Metal may not change the world, but they can certainly make your day.

Zipper Down is available from amazon & iTunes.


Queens Of The Stone Age Guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen & Serrina Sims Return with Free Sweethead EP

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When we last saw Sweethead, the LA-based band featuring Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen and Serrina Sims was touring in support of its self-titled debut album and sharing stages with the likes of Snow Patrol, Them Crooked Vultures, Puscifer and Eagles of Death Metal. They’re picking up where they left off with Mortal Panic, a free six-song EP available exclusively through Noise Trade HERE.

Produced by Van Leeuwen, Mortal Panic features a cover of Love And Rockets’ “Life In Laralay” and The Kinks’ “Tired Of Waiting For You” along with a handful of rarities, including the group’s first-ever release, “Antony,” and the title track, which is a brand-new song that will also be featured on Sweethead’s upcoming album. The album features guest appearances by Queens of the Stone Age drummer Jon Theodore, Eagles of Death Metal bassist Brian O’Connor, The Dead Weather guitarist Dean Fertita, former Broken Bells bassist Jonathan Hischke, Plexi drummer Norm Block, Mark Lanegan Band bassist Eddie Nappi.

The EP is a precursor to Sweethead’s full-length release, due out in early 2016. In the meantime, Sweethead will be doing select shows and Van Leeuwen, whose resume includes work with A Perfect Circle, the Mark Lanegan Band and Failure, will be joining the latter on their upcoming US tour (launching in October).

With a name inspired by the 1971 David Bowie track “Sweet Head” and influenced musically by the likes of  Blondie, The Pretenders, P.i.L., Pink Floyd and Gary Numan, Van Leeuwen and Sims formed Sweethead in 2008.

The group was forced to go on hiatus after a motorcycle accident left Sims with serious injuries. Van Leeuwen has spent the past few years recording and touring with Queens of the Stone Age, including 2013’s Grammy-nominated Like Clockwork album.

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