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EP Review : The Chap - Even Your Friend EP

Not much of an EP, Even Your Friend consists of the title track, a B-side and two remixes. What a rip - didn’t this used to be called a maxi single? How dare they. I’m guessing you might be new to The Chap, so let’s just see what they sound like shall we??First up is lead track ‘Even Your Friend‘, a slice of kooky, jaunty indie consisting of some purposefully well pronounced female vocals doing that very-short-very-sharp talking thing that was popular a few years back, think Kate Nash from Surrey and you’ll be in the area. Then the chorus kicks in with a different vocal, sounding tacked on and disjointed. The track is all too reminiscent of that quirky/twee indie sound that decided to become big in, and ruin, the summer of 2007. Never again.

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