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Classic Album : Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Rumours was first released in 1977 and became an all-time successful album, but when the show Glee did a tribute episode in May 2011 it entered the charts once more, reaching number 12 which, whilst not as good as the original release's number one slot on both sides of the Atlantic, was still no mean feat in the 21st century. The main reason why I like this album is the variety of rock styles. The writers have a distinct style with their lyrics that set them aside from each other. Stevie Nicks and her song 'Dreams' that sounds very raw and so in tune to her emotions, then Lindsey Buckingham’s 'Never Going Back Again' which sounds very simple but also very driven at the same time. The songs stand out individually; they don’t mesh together like a lot of albums. You may have a few hits on one album with the other songs being okay, but with Rumours they are all hits. It’s not a typical album in the sense that it tells one story, since all the songs each tell their own. These songs were well thought out and from the heart, especially since at the time of writing the album two of the writers were having serious relationship issues.

I definitely recommend that people give this album a try, it’s well written, has amazing guitar riffs (see 'The Chain'), works to all different types of moods and still has a fresh sound thirty-six years on.

Rumours [35th Anniversary Edition] is widely available.


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