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Scruff Of The Neck Presents ... - 20160905

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For your entertainment during another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Release – 'The Inevitable'

Kicking proceedings off this week are Stoke-based alt-rockers Release, and their latest single 'The Inevitable'. Back-boned by a rolling bassline and punctuated by a muted lead guitar and an almost spoken vocal delivery through the verses, it feels more downtrodden than previous offerings from the band and as such feels noticeably matured.

The Limited – 'Come On'

Something a little more upbeat from somewhere further South, East London's The Limited relish in a brand of indie-funk that's impossible not to move to. 'Come On' is the first track from the band's most recent EP Small Talk and benefits from familiar and fluid guitar licks and a thick bass. Great stuff.

Factory – 'Dynamite'

Hailing from Runcorn, Factory draw influence from both the Scouse psych of Liverpool, and the heady sounds of '90s Manchester, something especially evident in latest single 'Dynamite'. Loose,  tripped out guitars run riot against a backdrop of clattering cymbals, while a sleek vocal provides the track with a nostalgic air.

Larkins – 'Velvet'

Arguably one of Manchester's most promising new bands, Larkins' effortless ability to combine funk, blues and indie-pop has won them a legion of fans in a short space of time. 'Velvet' is the band's latest single, pairing a moody, sporadic bass with shimmering guitars and propulsive percussion; the tracks brooding nature offset by the consummate ease of its delivery.

Colour Of Spring – 'Snow'

Ambitious, encompassing, and dazzling pretty, all words to describe the latest single from Leeds shoegazers Colour Of Spring. Much like its namesake, understated guitars shimmer softly before erupting in to huge walls of noise and a cacophonous crescendo, belied in turn by the track's intial calmness. Stunning.


Scruff of the Neck Presents ... - 20160208

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For your entertainment at the start of another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

Yawning Dog – 'Sponge'

Leeds' slackers Yawning Dog only released this video in the early hours of the morning, but we were lucky enough to get an early viewing. Suitably psychedelic, the video reflects the band's and indeed the city's, DIY ethos perfectly whilst the track itself is a wonky foray in to the warped world of West Yorkshire slacker rock.

Mint – 'Wolves'

Hailing from Grimsby, Mint are a four-piece whose roots stem from mid-'00s indie but still manage to sound surprisingly fresh and contemporary. 'Raised by Wolves' is three minutes of angular guitars and frenetic percussion that push the track forwards. With new material on the horizon, you should be seeing a lot more of Mint in the future.


Just Mammals – 'River Runs Gold'

Another track barely a day old, and another band from Grimsby, Just Mammals make decade-spanning indie-pop. Bouncy and upbeat, 'Rivers Run Gold' is the band's latest effort and sees guitar jangles form a lazy haze over a '60s pop drumbeat. Infectious.


Larkins – 'Let Your Hair Down'

Keeping the trend going, Manchester's Larkins released 'Let Your Hair Down' late last week. A brooding '80s influenced track, it feels darker and more mature than the previous work, though manages to retain a degree of melody thanks to sporadic guitar licks that play off against its propulsive bass and relentless drums.


The Jade Assembly – 'Nothing Changes'

Emotive and emphatic, The Jade Assembly have been doing the rounds in Manchester for a few years now, garnering swathes of fans in the process. Latest single 'Nothing Changes' is a huge, anthemic track that calls to mind Augustines, had they formed in Lancashire and not New York.


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