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Rückwater Go Supernova

Demonstrating their rough sound in previous EP Bonehead, Finnish stoner-rock group Rückwater is about to release their debut album, Supernova. The album provides a mixture from heavy rocking songs to more mellow tunes. The power-trio’s sound comes from heavy riffs combined with two lead singers and a dynamic drummer.

The story of Rückwater started in 2010 when the loudest men in the band Make (vocals/guitar) and Jussi (vocals/bass) hit their stonehead`s together. Make`s brother Jape was a natural choice for drums, after all the brothers have played together for years.

The idea was to just play some covers (Alice In Chains, Pantera etc) and have a good time, but after few jam sessions they was already had some original songs. Playing together just clicked in a natural and groovy way.

In early 2016, their third EP, Bonehead, was recorded live. Recording live is the most natural thing for the band. It makes the record feel more raw, real and dynamic. Frustration about almost everything is maybe the main source for the whole record, you can hear it in the lyrics and the way the band plays.

After the release of Bonehead, Rückwater continued doing little tours like in Baltia and started to plan their next recording session. The idea was to finally make a full length album. The band booked the same studio and sound engineer and started to record Supernova. The album was recorded live, capturing the groove of the band. The album is set to be released on July 23 by Inverse Records.

Track list:

01. Rat in a Jar

02. Cruel Thing

03. Supernova

04. Once More With Feeling

05. Broken Stone

06. Foreverplay

07. Blindfold

08. Paragon of B.S

09. Rocket Fuel

10. 3/1


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