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Jacco Gardner’s Somnium Out Next Week


Jacco Gardner has shared a second cut from his forthcoming record Somnium. ‘Levania’ appears at around 12 minutes into the album; a psychedelic swirl of Korg MS20, bongos, space echo and a classic Jacco bassline which takes us nicely into the next section of the record – you’ll have wait until 23rd Nov to hear where it eventually takes the listener.

Gardner invites us into his Lisbon studio to get a behind-the-scenes look at where his new album was produced; “I wanted to give a little peak into the creative process and the environment I am in while working on music, to explain why Somnium took shape as it did.”

“As I’ve just opened a new studio in Lisbon and most of the album was conceived there, it seemed like the right place to tell the story of how the album came to be, and how it will translate to a live performance. Miguel is a friend of mine from Lisbon, and I really like his style as a director and his approach to mystery and the unknown. He is also a sound recorder and teaches about sound, so it felt natural to tell him about these things.”


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