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Frog Release New Video For Single 'Judy Garland'

[Photo Credit: Andrew Piccone]

Hailing from New York, guitar duo Frog released their debut album Kind of Blah earlier this year through South London's Audio Antihero. The jubilant gem in that crown of that album is 'Judy Garland', an energetic homage to the titular actress and singer. The official video for the track continues this praise as a compilation of clips edited together to compliment the audio. 

Taken from a high quality record described as an enchanting story of the band's beloved home city, both the track and its eleven track home are worthy of considerable praise. Having been critiqued by numerous respectable establishments to date, Frog are a desirable trio and 'Judy Garland' is an excellent first taste. 

HAWK - Clock Hands EP

Based in London, this mostly reserved quartet that is HAWK make music which supposedly falls between the bounds of “noir-rock” and “alt-folk”, so alternative noir folk-rock then, that mashed up description certainly conjures up some enticing imagery.

The band’s EP Clock Hands is five tracks and approximately twenty minutes in length, an adequate amount of time to enchant the listener and impart a lasting impression of the band. The title track begins proceedings with a careful guitar melody which is subsequently joined by vocalist Julie Hawk’s sweet tones and some marching percussion.

‘Fire In A Classroom’ is best described as “delicate”, with Hawk’s vocal once again joining gentle guitar to tell a whimsical tale. This quaint and charming nature is blown off as ‘Hush’ defies its name in cranking up the volume and attitude, veering the considered and prosaic song structures into something more energetic and rough. Closing track ‘Guardian’ finds beauty in the balances middle ground between noise and nice, encapsulating an indie-folk feel and bringing this interesting release to an end.

Clocks Hands is a strong introduction to HAWK, a band which combine both their musical and geographical differences to create an eclectic melting pot from which appealing compositions can be siphoned. A decent EP overall, HAWK could be a promising prospect in the not-so-distant future.

Clock Hands is available from iTunes.

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