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The Shakers - White Leather

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‘White Leather’ is the follow-up to ‘Guess Who’, which we featured previously and both songs are taken from The Shakers' second EP, Banana Tsunami. It feels anachronistic releasing this at Halloween: The Shakers’ sound is that of pure summer. The languidly casual funk guitars that open the track echo Nile Rodgers’ best-known licks. The three guitars overlap but never get under each other’s feet. The gentle, finger-clicking beat is complemented by the P-Funk rhythm section while Jack Hawkins’ breezy, southern voice lays on the lyrical hooks.

As well as their obvious debt to George Clinton and Sly Stone, you can hear influences from closer to home. There’s a John Squire feel to the guitars as well as their fellow Londoners, The Rolling Stones. Maybe a touch of The Fat Whites too, although the attitudes of the music are poles apart.

The Banana Tsunami title track was released as a single earlier this year and you might expect the quality to drop off by the third single from the EP but The Shakers have held the standard high with this song. The production is raw and unvarnished. A bigger production budget might bring a fatter sound, and some welcome low end to the bass guitar and drums, but the live feel of ‘White Leather’ is part of its charm. We’ll dust this off for festival season 2018.



The Shakers - Guess Who

  • Published in Singles


‘Guess Who’ is the latest single from Londoners The Shakers. Taken from their second EP, it follows the ridiculously titled 'Banana Tsunami'; a song which sticks in the head for it’s unforgettable moniker as well as the light breezy funk that is part Dodgy and part Spin Doctors, as long as we are doing ‘90s references.

The Shakers play a light funk infused brand of rock 'n' roll with influences of Prince, George Clinton, Red Hot Chili Peppers and, most prominently, The Rolling Stones. Jack Hawkins sings with a Jagger-like swagger and the triple guitar attack has the sharp Fender snap of Keith Richards. For a modern reference point, look no further than Monaghan’s Nix Moon.

On ‘Guess Who’ the influences move further north of the capital. The John Squire wah guitar that, first teases and then crashes into fruition at the 30 second mark is pure ‘Fool’s Gold’ and the post-chorus solo does nothing to dismiss the notion that The Shakers have made a southern tribute to the reunited Stone Roses. Hawkins’ vocals are the only indicator that this isn’t a gem recovered from the cutting room floor of the Mancunians', John Leckie produced, debut album. Add in some B-52’s style party sound effects and you’ve all the ingredients for a summer classic. It’s an unfussy tune in an unvarnished package.


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