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Singles That Mingle 20240527


Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Dermabrasion – Grim Sister

Pain Behaviour Out Now Via Hand Drawn Dracula Records

80s Goth New Wave coupled with deadly vocals.


Teenage Dads – Tale of a Man

A fun ditty with our favourite bad decision makers from down under.


Hermanos Gutierrez – Barrio Hustle

Sonido Cosmico Out June 14 Via Easy Eye Sound Records

This little piggy went wah wah wah all the way to the record store to pick this album up.


The The – Cognitive Dissident

Ensoulment Out September 6 Via Cienola / earMUSIC

If you haven’t heard of The The where the the have you been


Youth Lagoon – Lucy Take a Picture

A track that oozes hope.


Desire – Vampire

She must be invited in.


Common & Pete Rock – Wise Up

Nice to see Common putting out music instead of acting for a minute.


Nice Biscuit – Rain

EP Out Now Via Bad Vibrations

Nice Biscuit, that’s what he said. Elements of King Gizzard in there.


Daniel Davies – Ghost of the Heart

Ghost of the Heart Out June 21 Via Sacred Bones

Dramatic tunes, sorta catching a whiff of John Carpenter’s influence in there.


Katy J Pearson – Those Goodbyes

Someday, Now Out September 20 Via Heavenly Recordings

A reason to look forward to the autumn.


Las Nubes – Pesada

Tormentas Malsanas Out June 14 Via Sweat/Spinda/& Godless American Records

Great balance between dark beats and light vocals.


Max Blansjaar – Red Tiger

Slow burn worth the wait, it’ll open up and stay with you.


Singles That Mingle 20240131

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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Justice (Feat Tame Impala) – One Night/All Night

Hyperdrama Out April 26 Via Ed Banger Records

00s Dancerock sensational French Duo are back.


Teenage Dads – Tale of a Man

Touring in May

A playful and lighthearted track from your favourite youth dads.


Dekker – Popped the Top

Future Ghosts Out March 1

A tune about keeping it together rather than popping your top, would recommend.


Tapir! - Untitled

The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of my Decrepit Mountain Out Now Via Heavenly Recordings

Give up, let it go, but don’t let this tune go by without a listen.


Horsebeatch – A Friend By The Lake

Things To Keep Alive Out April Via Re:Warm Records

A song about taking your time, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.


Dog Race – It’s The Squeeze

Out Now Via Fascination Street

Anxiety inducing, with a catchy beat no less.


Lloyd Wayne – Saviour (Feat Compton White)

Lloyd sorta feels like he’s channelling some Elliot Smith. His track is poppy and easy but it feels like something more is lurking below the surface.


Sheherazaad – Dhund Lo Mujhe

Qsar Out April 1 Via Erased Tapes

An intriguing aural maze.


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