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Singles That Mingle 20240401

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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Maquina – Body Control

Prata Out Friday Via Fuzz Club

A predictable low thumping long-play tune.


Corridor – Agent

Mimi Out April 26 Via Sub Pop

A smooth and flirty tune.




Friko – Crashing Through

Where We’ve Been, Where Do We Go From Here Out Now Via ATO

The vocals leave something to be desired but the track really does crash through.




John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies - My Name is Death

Lost Themes IV: Noir Out May 3 Via Sacred Bones

What in the sweet holy fuck!? Absolutely brilliant.




Kierst – Southern Star

Thud EP Out Now Via Sad Club Records

Just hit our radar. This target will remain locked in our sights.




Honesty – Cease

Box Out Now Via Partisan Records

Extremely slow burn but we feel worth the wait.




Justice – Incognito

Hyperdrama Out April 26 Via Ed Banger Records

You demand Justice, you get Justice.




Lloyd Wayne – How True

Bird Beyond Ep Out Now





Dea Matrona – Black Rain

For Your Sins Out May 3

Who can forget the Irish busking duo (formerly trio) turn rockstars?




Cola – Bitter Melon

EP Out Now Via Fire Talk

Sounds good man, and lyrics to sing along with.


Singles That Mingle 20240131

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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

Justice (Feat Tame Impala) – One Night/All Night

Hyperdrama Out April 26 Via Ed Banger Records

00s Dancerock sensational French Duo are back.


Teenage Dads – Tale of a Man

Touring in May

A playful and lighthearted track from your favourite youth dads.


Dekker – Popped the Top

Future Ghosts Out March 1

A tune about keeping it together rather than popping your top, would recommend.


Tapir! - Untitled

The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of my Decrepit Mountain Out Now Via Heavenly Recordings

Give up, let it go, but don’t let this tune go by without a listen.


Horsebeatch – A Friend By The Lake

Things To Keep Alive Out April Via Re:Warm Records

A song about taking your time, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.


Dog Race – It’s The Squeeze

Out Now Via Fascination Street

Anxiety inducing, with a catchy beat no less.


Lloyd Wayne – Saviour (Feat Compton White)

Lloyd sorta feels like he’s channelling some Elliot Smith. His track is poppy and easy but it feels like something more is lurking below the surface.


Sheherazaad – Dhund Lo Mujhe

Qsar Out April 1 Via Erased Tapes

An intriguing aural maze.


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