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Singles that Mingle 20220204

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Our frontline reporter and London correspondent, Captain Stavros, brings you the newest and most exciting new tunes.


Mothermary – ‘I am Your God’


Out Now – Italians Do It Better


Calling all Italians Do It Better fanboys/girls, double trouble coming at you with Mothermary. No such thing as too much of a good thing. Foot tapping rump shakin’ goodness.



Tempers – ‘Nightwalking’


Out April 1– on DAIS


Stripped back doom-synth (I’m not sure that’s a thing, but it is now!) sullen and moody. Somehow still catchy though.



Bnny – ‘I’m Just Fine’


Out now on Fire Talk


Melancholy vocals accompany equally melancholic melodies. If you dug Windowspeak and Holy Motors’ latest, give this a whirl.



Tess Parks – ‘Happy Birthday Forever’


Out May on Fuzz Club


We immediately got some low-fi Sneaker Pimps vibes off this one, let us know if you hear it too.



Media Giant – ‘Guilt/Shame’


Out now on Brace Yourself Records


We had a good feeling about this one because the promo shots were next level ironic. Media Giant’s tunes are anything but ironic, they feel awkward in a loveable and listenable way.




Zoee - ‘The Empty Glass’


Flaw Flower is out now on Illegal Data


Theatrical avant pop comes at you mostly like a psychedelic pagan ritual to welcome in the spring time sooner, a helluva lotta more fun than a ground hog day event in our opinion.



Geese – ‘Projector’


Out now on Partisan Records and in the UK for a tour in June.


Reminds us of Feet, effortlessly cool. It’s the type of track that reminds you to check-and-see what’s piping in through your headphones.



Calexico – ‘El Mirador’


Out April 8 on City Slang


A visually appealing video accompanies a familiar sound Calexico south-western sound. It’s a blur which, one, or all, South American musical styles they draw from and pay homage too point is it sounds mighty fine.











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