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Singles That Mingle 20240402

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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros


Caleb Landry Jones – Hey Dawn

Hey Gary, Hey Dawn Out Friday Via Sacred Bones

Sounds like Nirvana psyche, psyche me up!


Baby Rose – One Last Dance

Slow Burn Out Now Via Secretly Canadian

This was a winner straight out the gate.


Annie-Claude Deschênes – Phones

Les Manieres De Table Out Friday Via Italians Do It Better

Don’t face time us, we’ll face time you. Just go listen to this damn weirdness.


PEM – Awe

Pulls you under like a slow-motion rip-tide. Touring now!


Jess Ribeiro – Jump The Gun

Summer of Love Out April 12 Via Labelman

Always better to jump a gun than a shark we always say.


Hermanos Gutiérrez – Low Sun

Sonido Cosmico Out June 14 Via Easy Eye Sound

Easy on the eyes, and ears.


Nuha Ruby Ra – Fetish 2 Forget

Single Out Now Via Brace Yourself Records

When you eyes lock across a busy room, this’ll be what’s playing in the background.


Metz – Light Your Way Home

Up On Gravity Hill Out April 12 Via Sub Pop

The boys step out of their comfort zone and wear it well.


Desire – Darkside

The Desire for the Darkside is strong with this one.


Sam Akpro – Disposition

Out Now Via Anti-

A bit poppy but can’t fault it really.{/youtube}



Singles That Mingle 20231211

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Singles That Mingle

With Captain Stavros

 Annie-Claude Deschenes – Menace Minimale

Out Now Via Italian’s Do It Better

Poppy new-wave, not sure what to do with it, so we’re going to just leave it here. Holy shit, dark hook, lookout!


Chanel Beads – Police Scanner

Out Now Via JagJaguWar

Hard to pin down, think that’s why we like it. 


Haiku Hands – Cool For You

Pleasure Beast Out now Via Spinning Top Records

Somewhere between a rave and a street fight showdown with the end boss, we’re here for it!


Friko – Crashing Through

Where We’ve Been, Where We Go From Here Out February 16 Via ATO Records

If you need a song for the guy gets the girl in the teeny boppers flick, this is it (with notes of BCNR). 


Mandy, Indiana + Clipping – Sheared

I’ve Seen A Way Out Now Via Fire Talk Records

Spoken hip-hop with accessible lyrics, diggin’ It. 


Kneecap feat Grian Chatten – Better Way To Live

A Better Way To Live Out Now Via Heavenly Recordings

We’re excited about this. 


Whispering Sons – Cold City

The Great Calm Out February 23 Via PIAS Recordings

Feel like if we don’t promote this, the song will haunt us, it follows…..you’re it. 


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