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MF Tomlinson Releases ‘Nietzsche’s Day Off’

Left-field songwriter MF Tomlinson has released his brand new single ‘Nietzsche’s Day Off’, an absurd story about the importance of letting your hair down every once in a while, no matter how worrying the daily news may be. In the song, influential 19th century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche decides to take the day off being serious. As other famously serious people from throughout history—Vincent van Gogh, Joan of Arc, Franz Kafka—get wind of this, they race to join him.

Together, they drink magic mushroom tea, sink some ice-cold beers, and have a truly cosmic time. The tune’s infectious rhythm is inspired by Moebius & Plank, Herbie Hancock and Canned Heat and features wonky synths, killer jazz flute and wound-up-tight beat.

Regarding the new single MF Tomlinson says, “The lyrics in my previous singles, 'Nature Boy' and 'Sum of Nothing', address these overwhelming issues to which there are no apparent solution. The political climate, the environment and the way we live our lives, thanks to today’s technology, we’re totally overloaded all the time. Something about the idea of all these unlikely characters in ‘Nietzsche’s Day Off’ having a knees up felt pertinent to share right now. If you find the world is weighing heavy on you just remember, if Nietzsche can take a break, then so can you…”

About the song’s creation he continues, “I was visiting Frederik Tyson-Brown (of Hunck and also my former bandmate) and we found ourselves writing a tune that made us wanna dance like Grover from Sesame St. We ran with it and so did all the contributors to the song, notably Ed Grimshaw, Angus James & Ami Koda, who added something really special with each performance…”

MF Tomlinson’s songs are the down-but-not-out chronicles of ordinary life, widescreen portraits of his relationships and neighbourhood painted with a cast of talented collaborators. He’s on a musical mission to turn up the transcendental in his everyday experiences. MF Tomlinson will be celebrating the release of ‘Nietzsche’s Day Off’ with a headline show at London’s Moth Club on November 27, tickets are available now through Dice.




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