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Alexander Tucker Shares ‘Energy Alphas’

Alexander Tucker has shared the first single ‘Energy Alphas’ from his recently announced eighth studio album, Guild of the Asbestos Weaver, due out on Thrill Jockey on August 23.

On the new single, Tucker pushes a simple pop structure to breaking point, sculpting loops of overdriven bass, distorted electronics and multitracked vocals into a towering whole. The track's lyrics reference H.P. Lovecraft's Dream Cycle; a series of short stories and novellas about a vast alternate dimension that could only be entered in dreams, as well as Alan Moore's graphic novel Providence, drawing on his love of science fiction to create new worlds.

On Guild of the Asbestos Weaver, Alexander Tucker presents a expansion of his sound. Minimalist motifs are sculpted into deep drone constructions; Tucker weaving dense layers of sound to powerful disorienting effect. Music is employed a mode of psychic transportation, with collaged lyrics that spin tales of parallel dimensions and dream-like landscapes at the edge of perception. Through studio manipulation Tucker conjures vivid preternatural landscapes from a synthesis of instruments and electronic sources, dialling into the more esoteric aspects of his sound to create an immersive and intoxicating soundworld.

Alexander Tucker will perform as part of The Quietus Social series in London on September 26, with further dates to be announced.


26 September - The Social, London - The Quietus Social presents

27 September - Kazimier Stockroom, Liverpool



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