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Heather Woods Broderick Shares New Single ‘Where I Lay’

Oregon-based artist Heather Woods Broderick will release her new album, Invitation, on April 19 via Western Vinyl. The cinematic first single from the record ‘Where I Lay’ is streaming online now.

Laden with beautiful baroque-pop, ‘Where I Lay’ is a powerful anthem whose immense drums and persistent piano are sincerely pained, delivering a strong centrepiece for the upcoming album.

Speaking about the new track, Heather said “'Where I Lay’ is really a poem about the impermanence of all things. So many of our questions will remain unanswered but if we slow down and appreciate things as they are it can provide a simplicity and an ease that inspires wonder amidst the chaos.”

The title of her third album takes its name from a quote by Thomas Moore which she stumbled upon while sifting through the cathartic journal entries of her mother:

“To keep the unfolding self alive,

you have to open yourself to change every step of the way. Of course there are times

when it is appropriate to step back, settle down, and maybe not move for a while.

But to be a person means to be faced every minute

with the decision to live OR die; To accept the invitations for yet more vitality or to

decline them out of fear or lethargy.”

'Invitation' track list:

1. A Stilling Wind

2. I Try

3. Nightcrawler

4. Where I Lay

5. Slow Dazzle

6. A Daydream

7. White Tail

8. Quicksand

9. My Sunny One

10. These Green Valleys

11. Invitation




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