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Kenneth McMurtrie

Kenneth McMurtrie

The Despondents - The Despondents

Loud, snotty and apolitical. That's the flavours The Despondents come in. With their influences proudly displayed (Ramones, Action Swingers, Barracudas - you get the picture), they power through 14 short and sharp blasts of dirtily produced rock and roll. You get a bit of misogyny ('You Stupid Girl'), prospective holiday destinations ('California'), obvious drug hymn ('Stoned') and abuse of the NME ('Gotta Getaway (England Sucks)'). Given that last track apolitical is maybe the wrong word to use about the band, or it could be they just hate the weather.

The Clientele - Minotaur

Oh dear. The Clientele have lost their way within these eight tracks; given where the bull torsoed chap of Greek mythology lived the overall title is therefore very apt. This is a poor effort when compared to their sublime Bonfires On the Heath from 2009, which is quite some feat in itself as the overall sound is still noticeably their signature one. The general writing though is not up to the previous standard and indeed if it was announced that these were actually originally rejects from the earlier release it would make perfect sense.

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